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just got my schedule for college that starts next week. its making everything feel so real! i’ve been out of school for too long and being able to learn stuff i actually want to learn about is making me soo happy and proud of myself for being able to get in 

reblog 1 note spliffsahoy asked: lets get high and become amazing friends?

sounds fucking amazing bro 

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Do you see the bowl as half green or half smoked?
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I am so fucking blessed. So much love for these beauties. My baby and my bro. Can’t handle how amazing I have it with these two sometimes lickout ilovemarijuana

Aw we’re so fucking cute.

i love you guys soo much!
reblog 0 notes lets-smoke-alot-of-weed asked: Did you ever see that youtube video like 6 years ago of that boy singing the song by cascade and he gets all into it and stuff well you look really similar to that boy

i honestly have no idea what video youre talking about lmao