WHERE: on the stage at Kew Gardens which is at Queen St E and Bellefair Ave. (east of Woodbine Ave.)
WHEN: Saturday May 25th, at 4pm 
WHO: myself and ganjaginga will be hosting the event!
WHAT TO BRING: anything to make yourself comfortable with, chairs, blankets, stools, pillows. bring what you want to smoke and anything you’re going to be smoking with. after the event we will be heading down the street to Menchies, so if you want some yummy froyo, bring a little bit of cash $$$
WHY: so that us tumblr stoners can unite, hangout and smoke a few.

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  5. bolexbabe said: yoooo ive been following you since day 1 of getting a tumblr and this also happens to the date im in t.o to get my tattoo! :D im gonna try my best to at least drop by and meet you!
  6. heartofpearlls said: why cant i live near you :(